About Jarritos

Food and drink have long been used to connect deeply with culture and facilitating this connection is what Jarritos has always strived for since 1950. Dedicated to sharing the Mexican culture with the world, we have stayed at the forefront of innovation, true to our heritage. Now, as culture goes digital and the world moves towards Web3, we take our first steps into the metaverse and ask that you join us with our first NFT collection: Bones.

NFTs and Why

We’re ready to add our style and flavour to this new digital era, creating a space of inclusion and exploration. Through our NFT collection we hope to bring people together from all walks of life into a community as diverse and colorful as our unique and delicious flavours! This is why we created Bones, our genesis collection of 777 distinctive NFT skeletons each with their own unique selection of traits. The collection was launched on the Ethereum network where it is available for purchase.


Jarritos is about culture, community, and flavours. By joining the Bones Familia, you take one step closer to Jarritos and will receive access to special events, brand deals, exclusive partnerships, limited edition drinks and so much more.
As Web3 evolves, so too will the opportunities for the community. Let’s ride this together!

What’s next?

Our priority is to invest back into the space and onboard those who have a passion for Web3. As Web3 constantly evolves we’re looking to the risk takers, innovators, mad scientist, all the brilliance this world has to offer to move forward with us. We embrace this digital evolution with enthusiasm and aim to find new ways to celebrate differences and authenticity as well as to give back to our supporters.


The internet in its current inception is considered Web2. Many of the services offered are centralized or owned by large conglomerates. Web3 rethinks how the internet functions and utilizes blockchain technology to decentralize many online services.

Think of the blockchain as an enormous digital ledger, one that keeps records of any activity that takes place on it. This record is unfalsifiable, removing the need for gate keepers and third parties.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. These are digital assets that represent proof of ownership. The item is coded onto the blockchain in such a way so as to not be replicable. Specified within the NFTs is the licensing agreement – check out our legal section to understand your full ownership and IP rights for Bones NFTs.

A cryptocurrency wallet stores your NFTs and cryptocurrency within a password protected application. One of the most common crypto wallets is the Metamask wallet which you can download for free! Some people prefer a hardwallet, which is an external key used to access your assets.

Like in all walks of life there are those who would rather take than earn. Online is no different. For that reason, it’s important to know how to keep your wallet safe. The most important thing to know is that under no circumstances should you give your “seed-phrase” to anyone. It gives you unilateral control over your wallet.

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency with its own unique blockchain. Currently it is the most common for Web3 applications and the one that the Bones NFT will be on. Any transactions done on the ETH blockchain require gwei, which is a small transaction fee. You can get ETH through various cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. If you have a metamask wallet they also give you the option to buy ETH.

Many wallets are still catching up on the rapid growth of Web3. For now, you can see your NFTs on secondary exchanges like OpenSea and LooksRare.

As much as we’d miss you being part of the familia, absolutely. Marketplaces like OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2, and others all exist for that very purpose, and anyone can use them to sell.

There are multiple platforms where you can purchase our Bones by Jarritos NFTs, but we encourage you to do your research and cross reference where you do purchase any NFT as there is a high volume of scams and fraud in the marketplace. One of the ones we can say we currently trust is OpenSea. Please know this can change over time as the space grows and as it does we will do our very best to keep you well informed.

NFT Redemption for Multiple Products


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